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About TeslaThemes

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are a lot of the same ol’, same ol’ out there… Not so with TeslaThemes, which is likely part of their overall success as a WordPress Theme Shop. The popular theme shop has a WP theme for just about everyone:

  • Blog Themes
  • Restaurant Themes
  • Unique Business Themes
  • Hotel Themes
  • Portfolio and Creative Themes
  • E-commerce Themes
  • Plus, many more

Though TeslaThemes creates themes based around popular categories, each one offers something unique to really make theme stand out. Perhaps the best part of the themes is the the Tesla Framework that they are all built on. The framework offers many features but the backend options are the best as they make it easy for anyone to customize the design elements across each theme. Also, since no two themes on the theme shop are exactly alike, each of the features and options found in the themes will be different. If you want an overview of what is offered in one of the themes that caught your eye, then be sure to keep an eye on this post as we will continue to add to it as TeslaThemes adds to their shop:

  • TeslaThemes Review: Clean Designs and Awesome Support at $35
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The WordPress theme shop has something for everyone, so if you’ve been bouncing around the internet searching for a theme that offered something a bit different, then start your search here. Their themes start at $39 for a single theme purchase or $49 for all of the themes offered on the site. No matter which on your choose, be sure to use our coupon so that you save that extra 20%.

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